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Our clinic recognises that there are those patients who might have occasion to need our professional attention and who reside well out of the United Kingdom. The constraints of a business or modern lifestyle might necessitate that those pursuits often take precedence over health issues or travelling to London, United Kingdom for a consultation and treatment. Furthermore, certain countries do not have a chiropractic profession or there are simply no chiropractors or skilled musculoskeletal doctors.

Our clinic has offered a Worldwide Service for over 37 years. With timeous prior arrangement, Dr. Ashton Vice will be able to be with you in your desired city of choice, usually in under 24 hours. In this way, Presidents, Prime Ministers and Princes, Forbes Listers and private patients continue to make use of this bespoke service. The patient is one phone call away from a thorough evaluation and treatment in the privacy of your own home, island, palace or kingdom, as the 6 photographs reveal.

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Dr Ashton Vice   Dr Ashton Vice   Dr Ashton Vice