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This branch of science encompasses both sports sciences as well as medical science. To treat sports injuries effectively, the practitioner should have a thorough academic knowledge of the overuse/abuse/traumatic nature of the injury. Whether a recurrent dislocation of the shoulder, torn hamstring, a tennis elbow, an iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome or yet another rotator cuff of the shoulder to an Achilles tendonopathy, Dr. Ashton Vice has 37 years in diagnosing and treating SPORTS INJURIES, 46 years in continued sports participation, as well as having been the 1989 South African National bodybuilding champion, be assured of our expertise, learnt over decades.

It is immaterial whether you injured yourself playing casual tennis on holiday or you have been FIFA World Footballer of the Year, or are UK's strongest man, just 3 examples of patient's who frequent our clinic for sports injury treatment.

Dr Ashton Vice with Mr Jimmy Marku, 3 times UK's Strongest Man.
Dr Ashton Vice with Mr Jimmy Marku, 3 times UK's Strongest Man.