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Myofascial therapy: it is a scientific fact that all muscles and their fibrous coating and connective tissue that joins muscles to bones, the fascia, are a source of pain if the functionality is changed by an accident or normal wear and tear/degeneration. Muscles may develop Myofascial ' tender spots' or TRIGGER POINTS'. These Trigger Points are not only painful where they are found, but may also send pain away from that spot, REFERRED PAIN. It is for this reason that a thorough examination must be performed by the Chiropractor so as to determine where your pain is coming from? It is ineffective treating the pain in the calf muscle for example, if indeed the pain is coming from a trigger point in the buttock and the calf is only the referred pain site! All the bodies 600 plus muscles have an area in the muscle that is tender to pressure.

Myofascial therapy is a very specialised science of muscle treatment as the REFERRED PAIN PATTERNS often imitate many nerve problems. There are several different ways of treating active TRIGGER POINTS CAUSING MYOFASCIAL PAIN. Dr. Ashton Vice has been studying the science of MYOFASCIAL PAIN for 37 years and has lectured widely on the subject.

Myofascial mimicry of nerve root, facet & visceral pain in lower back and pain diagnosis (PDF).